Acumen Credit Insurance Brokers Ltd

Acumen Credit Insurance Brokers Ltd (Acumen) have been in business for over 25 years and provide a nationwide specialist broking service to credit insured clients from almost all business sectors. A team with over 250 years of combined Credit Insurance experience is supported by the most advanced policy management system available.

Essentially "Credit Insurance" protects your business against the risk of bad debts, and whether you are seeking a straightforward Whole Turnover policy or a tailor made credit solution we have the knowledge.

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Credit Reports

Acumen offers on line status reports using Graydon, a leading International provider of Status Agency Reports, this gives you access to a wide choice of reports, whether you require information on a sole trader.

What makes Acumen unique is combining the more

Why use a Broker?

All specialist brokers, such as Acumen Credit Insurance Brokers Ltd (Acumen), have or should have the knowledge and experience to negotiate the best combination of cost and cover for your business.

What makes Acumen unique is combining the more

Bonds Guarantees

Bonds have been in use in the construction and civil engineering industry since the 17th century and provide a guarantee of payment of amounts or damages due under contract.

Increasingly common outside the onstruction industry, a wide range of Bonds or more